Plugins & Themes FAQ

What is [companyname]?

WordWPressPlugins is an online store for premium WordPress plugins and themes. Here you have the opportunity to buy the most popular GPL licensed themes and plugins at the best prices. It is 50% off!!!

Why should you buy from us?

WordWPressPlugins attaches great importance to giving its clients the opportunity to develop a professional WordPress site on a budget.

We always try to minimize the costs of our clients. WordWPressPlugins offers the most popular plugins and themes to meet all the requirements of a successful WordPress site.

Why are we cheaper than our competitors?

WordPress was created under the GPL license with Copyleft.

Therefore, all plugins and themes created under WordPress must have the same license.

This license makes commercial modification and redistribution possible and allows us to resell WordPress products at a reasonable price.

My desired product is not available. Now what?

If your desired product is not available on WordWPressPlugins, you can contact us and tell us the desired product, which is not available.

We will take care of offering this product immediately in our online store.

I can't find an answer for my question. Now what?

If you still can't find an answer to your questions, you have the option to contact one of our Account Managers through LiveChat.

Use the chat icon on the right side of the home page.

What support does [companyname].com offer?

We want to guarantee customer satisfaction by providing 24-hour customer service. WordWPressPlugins has configured a LiveChat for this purpose.

If you have questions or comments, you have the opportunity to contact our account manager in real time.

This will allow your question or concern to be answered directly without delay.

How can I update the purchased plugins and themes?

Please note that updates may come with a delay of 6-12 hours.

If there is an update available for your product, we will notify you with an email.

So please provide an active email account when you sign up.

For more information on how to update your plugin or theme, read the following post here.

Additional information:

 We update our products regularly, as soon as we are notified of an update.

We download and upload these modifications to our server, so you have direct access to these updates.

All products come with 2 years of free updates.

After this period, you must buy the item again to be updated.

Payment and download

What payment options do I have?
WordWPressPlugins offers you many payment options so you can be flexible when making your payment.

The following payment options are available at WordWPressPlugins: PayPal, Klarna, Stripe (Visa, American Express), SEPA Direct Debit, Sofort√ľberweisung, Griopay, SEPA Direct Debit.

Once you have selected your desired product, you can choose one of the various payment options in the shopping cart.

How do I download my purchased product?

After the payment process, you will automatically access the download site.

There you have access to the purchased product through the download link.

Also, when you have purchased your product, you will receive an email confirming your purchase.

Soon after, you will receive another email with a download link to your product.

It is available to you as a zip file, which you can easily download.

If you also have a WordWPressPlugins account, you will see downloads in the “Downloads” category.

[companyname] membership

What are the benefits of being a member of WordWPressPlugins?
With the WordWPressPlugins membership, you have free access to all of the Premium plugins and themes, which are provided at WordWPressPlugins.

How do I download plugins and premium themes when I have a membership?

If you have a WordWPressPlugins membership, you will find the “Membership” page through the navigation bar.

Here you will find all available premium themes and plugins, which you can easily download for free.

Alternative: find your desired product and open the product page.

Click the “download” button.

Are the products on this website original?

All WordPress Premium plugins and themes are original and 100% GPL licensed.

Copyleft is a clause contained in the GPL that guarantees that it has the same license as the original version.

This means that any derived or modified version of the GPL software, if accessible to the public, must also have the same GPL license.

Based on copyright, the Copyleft symbol looks exactly the same, backwards.