How to keep Themes & Plugins updated

Keeping your themes and plugins up to date is very easy.

You will see that it is a task of seconds, not minutes.

There are 2 options to achieve that.

The easiest way to update is with the Easy Theme and Plugin Upgrades Plugin.

3-step tutorial with free update plugin

Step 1: Install the plugin

Download the free plugin from this link Easy Theme and Plugin Upgrades Plugin and upload it to your WordPress Dashboard.

You can also search for the plugin within the plugin directory and automatically install it from there.

Once this is done, you must activate the plugin.

Step 2: Download the file

You will be notified of an update by email and in our changelog.

Now download the newest version. If you created an account during the ordering process, you can download the product in your account area:

Log in with your password and email address in your customer account
Click downloads.

You will find the latest version of the product and the download link.

If you have not created a customer account, after purchase you will get an email address with the download link for the purchased item.

Take care of the email because with this link you can download the latest version.

3. Step: Install the newer version

You can now easily upload the file to your WordPress admin area and activate it.

Any settings you have made in the plugin or theme will be saved.

You can remove the old version from your WordPress area.

Update plugins and themes with ftp

The second option to update the purchased item is with ftp.

You need to login through Filezilla and its login details into your WordPress file store and search for wp content and click on plugins or themes from the file store.

Then rename your old version and load the new version.

This option to update items is difficult.

therefore, we recommend the first option with an auxiliary plugin.